Be glad that it wasn't your bed... (says he who has twice had to pull everything off the bed and stuff it into the washing machine). Luckily it didn't get past the padded mattress topper!

I think with mine it's some sort of territorial marking behaviour, he's a neutered tom who'll be a year old this spring and gets a bit needy sometimes. He'll yowl pitifully from time to time and then start purring like a zeppelin engine when picked up and cuddled. Meanwhile his sister all but rolls her eyes as if to say "what a wimp!"

As for smells on camera gear, I've had a few smoke-ridden bodies and the only effective means I've found is a good clean with cotton buds, lens cleaning spray and paper towels for larger areas like leatherette. Also helps to replace the foam light seals, they've usually turned to black goo by now anyway and will have absorbed a lot of smoke particles. Basically you need to clean all the dirt out of the corners, especially on the top plate but also on side panels and around the lens mount.