I am selling my Crown Graphic + Kodak 127mm Ektar lens in shutter, + some 4x5 film for $140 + shipping. The camera body has signs of wear, it will definitely not win any beauty contests. Bellows are light tight, it has no viewfinder/rangefinder. It has the graflock/international back with ground glass. The lens is a kodak 127mm ektar, no fungus but some tiny specks of dust, it doesnt affect performance and it is one sharp lens, nice for color too. Based on my negatives, the shutter speeds seem correct. The shutter sometimes sticks/does not fire but all you need to do is push the cocking lever and it works again. I still have some arista film and fortepan and I will include them so you have some film to test.

Again, $140+shipping for a set up that can get you started on 4x5 for cheap. I can also do trades for bronica or mamiya 645 stuff. I accept paypal or usps money order, I can ship anywhere. Thanks.