Congrats on your negs, and please call me David.

Just FYI offers an alkaline fixer as well, which the manufacturer assures me is very similar to TF-4. I use TF-4, because I can buy it off the shelf at B&H and save the shipping cost (the fixer itself is about the same price either way), but if you're having it shipped anyway, it's another option.

I asked Anthony Guidice at Fine Art Photo Supply about selling it as a powder to avoid the cost of shipping water, but he said he felt that would be less convenient for users, due to the problem of precipitates developing from water impurities or not mixing the chemicals in the correct order. It seems these "problems" have obvious solutions--use distilled water and read the darn directions, so I suppose there may be an alternate reason, like it would be too easy to hack the formula if they sold it in powdered form, or maybe they use a subcontractor to make the chemicals, and it's just easier to do this way for some manufacturing reason.