Frankly, the Moon isn't worth it in IR in my opinion. Like moose says above, it's going to move, and fast. So unless you have a goto telescope with tracking, you won't get anything useable. Even if you did have a goto/tracking 'scope, I don't think you're going to gain any new perspective with IR.

With respect to the Sun there are few things to note. First is an IR filter is not safe to view the Sun. You are cooking your eye. Second, again you are gaining very little here. At best you will capture sunspots, but you could do that without the IR. If you want to see the coronal loops, prominances, or the "roiling" surface, you need a Ca K-line or an H alpha filter which are ridiculously expensive. Without tracking down that article, they are probably recording in IR but a very narrow section of IR to tell them something specific.

Something else to note. I've been shooting film for 20+ years, and have been trying to make it work for astrophotography for 3. I don't know how they did it before d*****, frankly (respect beyond comprehension to those that did/do). I've taken countless shots of the Moon through an 8" Meade LX90 ACF, and not a single one passes my QC. Same goes for the Sun. I tried to get the transit of Venus and my focus still doesn't please me. To me, it isn't worth it anymore. I'd rather do AP with a nice CCD and go hybrid.

I don't know how to attach a RZ67 to a telescope. People generally attach Canons, Nikons, etc., which there are specific T adapters for. You could try Googling T adapters for your knife type. Otherwise if it is 58mm aperture, Baader Hyperion eyepieces are set up for afocal photography.

Good luck.