They work fine. Unless it has be very used and abused, a turret should be no different than using a single lens board. (I have 7 seven turrets in use on D5-XLs -- all with 50mm, 80mm and 135mm lenses on them.) The 50's are all Nikkor 2.8 and I use a spacer to get them to clear when rotating the turret...another lens mount, for example.

You might consider looking for an 80mm lens, also -- I find using one lens size up for small prints to be very nice. One is using the primo center section of the image circle that way -- and the enlarger does not have to be so low for small prints -- easier to work under...such as lifting the easel up to slip in the paper, for burning, etc. I use the 135mm for 6x6 negs for up to 8"x8" enlargements.