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Good! That makes things a lot easier.

My printing space is also a small (8' by 9') office. I set my enlarger up on the L-desk (after moving important papers safely out of the way) and set up my trays on a 6' collapsing table—one of those that folds in half in the middle.

Spend a few bucks on a Delta 1 safelight bulb (or similar). I use the 11w version bare, pointed into a corner of the room. It works in any standard screw-type household socket.

You have such a thing? Hm! I've actually never used one… Given, I can see where it would be a very good idea if you're in a small, enclosed space for a great deal of time with lots of open chemicals. Even standard B&W fixer can get to be a bit much. Erring on the side of safety can't be bad.

Good luck with it all. It sounds like you're having a great deal of fun already.
Thanks for the advice about the Delta 1 safelight bulb - I really am enjoying this, and as of today, I'm 2 for 2: 2013-02-01 19.52.58.jpg