Thanks for the tip about Formaflo. I've never used it, but it sounds like a good product. All the Formulary products are top notch. It's unfortunate they have such high shipping costs.

I don't have any problems with Photofl0 200. I did have to make a few tweaks to my recipes so I could use it instead of Photoflo 600. I'm trying really hard to stay with products that are readily available for everyone -- and changing my recipes if that's what it takes. 600 is no longer being made. I have enough 600 for several lifetimes, but 200 is just fine (and safer), and it should be available in the US for quite a while. The problem is in the EU, which is why I thought of Ilford's wetting agent. Hopefully, if it works, it could be their go-to surfactant for emulsion making.