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Hi folks

I bought a 30m roll of Agfa Copex HDP13 a while back dirt cheap and finally got round to trying it. It's unperf so the only camera I have that can use it is my EOS 10qd. I read that microfilm is great in bad light and as I like in the far north of England where the light is frequently bad, this interested me. I shot 8 rolls at ISOs 25, 50, 100, and developed in Microdol-X 1:3 to tame contrast. However, all my notes about dev times have proved to be useless as I discovered today the meter in my EOS 10qd was overexposing by about 8 stops, explains why I was getting such dense negatives. However, this film seems to have a massive latitude, and despite being extremely dense, my Plustek 7600i was able to scan them. All these are shot with my Micro-Nikkor 3.5/55, no point giving you specifics of development times and temps, but I think the dilute Microdol has done a good job of taming the contrast and producing nice tonality. Sharpness is excellent and grain is tiny, tonality is nice but I am sure I can improve on it now I've resolved the EOS metering issue.
Those shots look very nice and contrast doesn't look bad at all. Pretty sharp, but certainly not as sharp as I've seen this film. It looks like it would be ideal for environmental portraits, but that's just my thinking. I have a roll of 120 CMS20, which is suppose to be the same, that I'm going to try shortly. I used to do Kodak Tech Pan in Rodinal 1:200 and it was very, very nice with extremely high detail. I'm going to go that route with the CMS20 and see what happens, but your Microdol-X results look fine too. JohnW