I have 50, 80, 135 and 150 lenses. The 80 and 135 came with the enlarger.
I was planning to get a 105 for 6x9, but that depends on "IF" I get a 6x9 camera. The 105 would then replace the 135.

My plan was to use 50(35mm)+80(6x6)+150(4x5) lenses on the turret.
My other option would be 80(35mm)+135(6x6 & 6x9)+150(4x5) on the turret, and put the 50 on a single lens mount. Or, 50+80+135 on the turret and put the 150 on the single lens mount.

Man this is getting more confusing that I thought.
Interesting idea of going up one step in lens focal length, I had not thought of that. I do remember VERY SHORT exposures with the 50mm lens and small 4x5 prints. The only time I remember using longer lenses for 35mm was in high school when I had to make wallet size prints for the yearbook or newspaper. I could not get the enlarger head down far enough, so one of the other guys told me to use a longer lens...problem solved.

Vaughn, you reminded me of something. In the local junior college, all the enlargers setup with 80mm lenses, you have to ask the teacher for a 50mm lens to make large prints from 35mm film. Except for the few students printing 11x14 or 16x20, the 80mm worked just fine for most of the students with 35mm film. Except for one gal who was trying to print 11x14 from 35mm film. She was standing on a stool to reach the focusing knob, the head was cranked up all the way to the top of the girder. The enlarger had an 80mm lens, and she did not know to ask the teacher for the 50mm lens when she made her large prints. Although I also think the 80mm lens was installed for convenience, since it handles both 35mm and 6x6 films w/o changing lens.