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My very last hope:

Would it be possible to make an SFX without antihalation layer? That would be a good substitute for Efke's "Aura", adding the benefit of Ilford quality control.

Many of us miss this effect:

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I am late in coming to this thread, but am very interested in this line of inquiry. I do like SFX, particularly in 120, where the graininess is less pronounced, but miss the "aura" effect of the old EFKE (Maco) films. (Then again, I also liked the Lucky films for the same reason)

I have read this thread through a couple of times but have not seen a response specific to CMO's suggestion. Is there a reason that the known SFX emulsion cannot be be tested in a version without the antihalation layer? Such a film would not possess the tonality of the EFKE product, but as CMO suggests, would not be subject to the QC concerns that plagued that film.