I also have two turrets for my D5XL. One is the "modern" setup. Schneider Componon-S 50/100/150 lenses. The other is the "period" setup. Kodak Ektar 50/75/100 lenses.

The first is for general use. The second I'm using to print from my late father's stash of b&w negatives. His negatives were made in the early-to-mid 1950s. And so were these Ektars. It's a nice, authentic match that gives true period results.

I couldn't deal with having to manually mount between six lenses. Actually seven, as I also have a Componon-S 80/4. Turrets are the only way to go. Some will tell you there are alignment issues with turrets. But my negatives project with perfect edge-to-edge sharp grain. And I have gone to some trouble to assure this, including the use of double glass AN carriers.