After reading the above posting, I realized it's hard to compare Trial-130119/Dimezone with XTOL because they're separated by two images. Here they are together, so you can switch back and forth between them with one click:

XTOL:130201-D400-F1320-Xtol-Ctr13R.jpg T119/Dime:130201-D400-F1318-T123Dime-Ctr13R.jpg

Some more ideas I have are to (1) eliminate the crystallization issue by replacing metaborate with TEA, because I doubt there will be much difference between 85% and 99% TEA, (2) replace some of the poorly-soluble ascorbic acid with better-soluble hydroquinone to maintain a high concentration-ratio, and (3) adjust pH downward with citric acid. Too many ideas to try and too little time...

Mark Overton