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Cheers John. My Plustek 7600i maxes out around 70lp/mm, this Copex is probably capable of double that. I'm not sure what the Micro-Nikkor can do in resolution, but I suspect the bottleneck is my scanner. Also, I didn't use MLU on the EOS and it's always windy here so there could be some shake. I didn't do any sharpening before I converted them to JPEGs either, so I'm far from fully optimised, I just wish I still had a darkroom and an enlarger.

I really like Tech Pan in Microdol-X 1:3, I rate it at 25 and develop for 15mins at 20C. You can rate it at 50 and do 18mins, 20C, but I find the tonality anicer rated at 25.

I only have about 25m of Tech Pan left, it expired in 1982, but it's still perfect. It's my love of Tech Pan that led me to try microfilm, they both work well in dull conditions.

Good luck with the CMS 20, I know Rollei sell the Copex Rapid, I didn't know Copex HDP was also available. Another part of the attraction of the unperf microfilm version for me is the price, it's only 10eu for a 30m roll but you have to buy a box of 20. I'm keeping my eye on ebay for some more, I'm interested in trying other microfilms too, I saw 4 x 1000ft rolls of Kodak ortho microfilm at 25BIN last week, but it weighed 17lbs and shipping to England made it cost too much for my meagre budget, sadly.

Here's Tech Pan rated at 25, first two are Contax IIIa with Zeiss Opton Biogon 2.8/35, last three are Konica Ft-1 with Hexanon EE 1.7/50.
Yes, I keep forgetting the possible "weak link" in digital to film. I was lucky enough to get a used Nikon CoolScan LS8000 for a good price and don't have much of a weak link now(I used an old Epson 2450 flatbed before that). I'm like you with Tech Pan in that for me it was pushing the limit just to expose at ASA 25, but when you hit the right scene/lighting/exposure it was beautiful. Of course I was using 35mm then and now that I'm stuck on medium format the super sharp, super fine grain films aren't as important to me. I've been using digital to replace my 35mm shooting, but just recently resurrected a Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super and the later Super BC. With these cameras up and running they might just be good candidates for a film like this. I do know that they have excellent optics. Speaking of optics, I have a 55mm f3.5 Micro-Nikkor also and use it on my Canon 5D and find no need for a better macro lens on that camera. I still love film, but digital ain't bad either. JohnW