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What I find more interesting about this is the fact that it appears that the people who pre-order this film are financing the making of it. As much as I would like to try some, paying for something that's may not be made yet (and is very expensive for what it is at that) there is no way of guaranteeing that you will ever see the film or the money back, a lot can happen from now till July there's no way of really knowing that there even going to be here still trading then.
But on the other hand.... What a great way to pursuade a manufacturer to produce something new.

Simon at Harman has just told us that they have decided not to produce a true IR film as the market is to small to justify the development cost.... Imagine if there was a movement like Lomography but dedicated to APUG type customers that could stump up enough cash to commission a special order of significant size? Might still not tempt Harman (who's R and D costs are probably huge since their quality control is so high). But Foma or a Chinese company???