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I'll soon be heading off for a week of skiing and would like to bring a camera along. In the past I've carried my Olympus XA, which fits nicely in an inside pocket but is difficult to operate while wearing gloves. This year I'm thinking about taking my Zeiss and 40mm Rokkor, which would probably have to travel in my backpack. My main worry is about the bouncing around knocking the rangefinder out of alignment. Does anyone have any prior experience in this area?

I'm aware of the appropriate precautions for dealing with cold and condensation issues, what I'm specifically asking about is the bouncing and vibration. In the worst case I know I can take the XA.

Thanks for your thoughts.
If you mean vibration in your pocket/backpack while skiiing, I wouldn't worry as long as the camera is padded a bit. It will be "soft" vibration of low frequency and moderate amplitude.