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If for the sake of argument I was a cabinet maker and had spent many years working with wood, creating beautiful furniture as works of art. Can you also apply this navel gazing Philosophy, devoid of practical experience and make it meaningful?
I'm not sure what you mean, are you asking if there's a benefit to thinking about what photographs are, in terms of my creative production? Yes, I absolutely think so. I'm not long into my serious photographic career, just in its nascence really, but this one book has had a very deep and real effect on the way that I perceive the actions and objects employed to produce images, and what these image objects are to me and other people (and thus, opening a new line of understanding points the way to novel use and technique).

If you mean to ask if reading this book could help you be a better hypothetical carpenter, the answer is no. It's not an essay on aesthetics in general, and really concerns itself with the specific qualities and characteristics of photographs and photography that make it special and important.