I was thinking of taking this and add to my lineup comprising a SA75/5.6, but I've since decided to go for a 72XL and stick with one WA for a while, so it is offered here instead. It's a listing for a friend in Japan, whom I can definitely vow for.

According to him:

Mechanics 9/10
Cosmetics 8/10, bit scuffing, and two minor dents, one each in the front ring and rear. The dent in the front doesn't hinder filter mounting at all and the one in the rear I can't even discern in the photos
Optics 9/10, with only minor lines in the coating (i.e., no scratches), and no fungus, haze, etc. Dust specks are present, but not excessive.

His asking price if $335 net & shipped from Japan. You can pay him directly to his Paypal account in Japan, or, to save on fees and pay to my Paypal account. For my credentials, ook in the classifieds section for my user name, or search for the same user name in: Mflenses, APUG, Luminous-Landscape, GetDPI, or PentaxForums, or check out my feedback on Ebay (ciguatera303).

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