I have bought off eBay several times, but usually just certain slower films like PanF or something I can't get in my neck of the woods. If I find a real deal on eBay I might try to get it, but then that dang rich815 is always running the bid up. I too, would rather buy from Freestyle and know I'm getting a decent film at a reasonable price. I used to brag up Fuji Acros and really loved the film for the price. Of course Fuji figured that out too and jacked the price up. Maybe that was their plan all along? Sell it for near cost, get folks to fall in love with it and then jack the price up to just below the competition. Right now I'm testing Arista EDU 100 and if it works out I might just be using much more of it. Also, I've heard really good things about the Arista EDU(Foma) 200 film and might look into that also. As for Graig's list? Nothing much at all in my area and the same goes for expired film at camera stores 'cause there is only one of those left. JohnW