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I'm always pleasing myself with how well something comes out at first; it's always after the fact that I look back and think "eh, that's dumb/boring/not very good" etc. I haven't yet taken a picture which, in hindsight, I'm more impressed with it than I was when I took it.
This is a sign of a maturing "eye" and sensibilities.
-- in the end don't be too hard on yourself.

I group photographs I make into 3 catagories.

-personal / life documentation
-commercial work that pays my bills
-work "for the ages" -- photographs that may or may not be personal to me that may be of great importance to others in 100 years or more.

They all can overlap a little or have a little of one-another mixed into each. My favorite photos sometime only satisfy one point/// and "true art" "none" of the above.