Thanks, all, for your input. So far, though, it looks like the cheapest is the Ultrafine.

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The ultrafine film is cheap, but I have found it to be contrasty and grainy for its speed.
For the type of shooting I'm doing, that's fine. In point of fact, I rather might enjoy it stylistically.

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If you don't care about quality and just want the ability to shoot, get the EDU mentioned above.
Most of the reason I do this is so that I can have some fun playing with some old cameras and souping the resulting films. It's just entirely too much fun. Every so often I come out with an image I truly enjoy. About the only image I've come up with where I didn't like the graininess was a skyline shot on Holga 400:

For future cloudscapes, I'd really like to play with Pan F plus.

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Expired film on eBay?
Sadly, good deals on expired film on eBay are getting more rare than good deals on old folding cameras. It seems that the Lomography movement has upped the prices of all sorts of old/expired/nifty things. My Nettar cost me about $70 in today's dollars when I bought it. I could probably fetch twice that on an eBay sale. I can only imagine how much my Box Tengor would go forů

Again, thanks, folks! I'm trying to keep a lookout for deals (s/^d/st/g) on film and paper, and appreciate any and all leads. Especially if it lands me some Delta 3200.