Hi everyone! This is my first post here in APUG! Well, I just got a Mamiya 645AF (yay!). Decided to take it out for a spin today, grabbed some fresh batteries and loaded up a roll of 120. Then there is this issue..

When I put the film back on, the film does not auto advance to the first frame. At first, I thought I was dumb and didn't load the film in correctly. Doubled check everything, watched a couple of videos via youtube and I did the same exact thing as everyone I saw. Took it over to our local camera store and the repair department couldn't figure anything wrong with it. The camera fires at all shutter speeds fine, everything functions fine, except for the film back. For some odd reason it's just not advancing at all. The LCD shows the ISO and film type but doesn't show a numeric digit for the film count. Just says (--). In the manual, it states that if you loaded the film wrong, it'll show that symbol (--) but seeing that I loaded everything correctly, that can't be the case right? I tried cleaning the contacts and to none success, nothing happens. I went ahead and contacted the seller and asked them to refund me for a portion since the back isn't working. I went ahead and bought one from adorama. I'm praying this will work with another back. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be? Is there a motor in the back of the film back that causes the film to whine and advance?