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It is surprised to see that B&H listed HP5+ and Acros at low prices comparing to Freestyle, so for few cents i will go with HP5+ and Acros is my top favorite film even if it is expensive.

Wish if that TMAX 400 was cheaper, it is my most used film so far before Acros 100, good i have loads of it, but i can buy more in the future if i need.
With the price of all the other Kodak films I was shocked at how cheap tmax400 was, it's still expensive compared to what the OP is looking for but amazing its so cheap for the quality.

I'm amazed with t grain films and DD-X but now that I've had a taste of Rodinal it's hard to decide what to do, it's SO cheap! DD-X seems ridiculous now lol.

Also OP why shoot 120 if you're penny pinching? Why not shoot 35mm and get a $2 per 36 shot instead of $2 per 10 shot? I understand some grain bothers you but if cost is the ultimate leader, why bother with 120 at all?


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