From my collection,
Up for sale a Blue Dot 14 in F/9 Goerz Trigor in original box with blue anti glare single coated. The lens is mounted in the copal 3 shutter . The shutter works perfectly at all speed. The lens has no ding or scratches, blades is clean . There is a spot that has about 1.2 mm Anti reflective flaws at outer edge. This will not affected the image what so ever. If you concern about the esthetic than it can be easy fixed at Bruce Focal Point lens service center.
This is a very sharp lens and has great contrast , very deep shadow but yet retained details nicely for your Silver or Alternative process. It will cover up to 12x20 infinity at wide open with no movement. Asking $2300 . USA insured shipping is $35. International insured is $95. PP via gift or USPS money order. Thanks for checking