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its the difference between a camera that has personality than some sort of clinical "masterpiece" ... not to say that every image made by a
lo-fi camera is good, but that is the same for all the crapola being made by hassys, high end nikons, and ebonys with a schnieider xl ...

but YMMV ov course ...
I couldn't agree more. I'd far rather look at a fuzzy and exciting photograph than a perfect 'demonstration' photograph from the sharp and boring school.

But two conditions should apply. The first being that the photographer able to make the fuzzy image exciting should be able to make any other camera produce an exciting image. The second that those who like to demonstrate sharpness should aspire to make an image that is sharp and exciting.

Too many photographers find a comfortable niche and fail to stretch themselves or court disapproval, but the Lomo movement has shown that photography can be exciting, now those photographers need to broaden their language. And with a lot of them being young and open to ideas, a lot are now broadening their photographic language and technique. And visa versa, some of those photographers intent on using convention above all else should broaden their outlook and ask themselves 'who am I trying to impress if my photographs send people to sleep?'