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It is difficult because it is a precise way of thinking and thus, very demanding since you have to understand what someone is saying and not what you think they are conveying. It requires very disciplined thinking which can only be gained with time and practice - this is in no way to say that others are undisciplined but rather to say that philosophers take it to a new level. I write government regulations and guidelines for a living and a misplaced comma or a plural where there should be a singular can cost hundreds of thousands, even millions. I need the discipline of my philosophy background to do my job - a wedding photographer missing a shot might upset the couple, but they are still married. I miss a reference and somebody could lose their house.

Please understand that I am not trying to stifle anyone from contributing - the point of my last thread is that we have 1.3 million threads here on APUG and maybe a half dozen are on the philosophy of photography (I mean that in a formal sense, not the generic "we have a philosophy of care in the hospital" meaning of the word). Nobody ever suggests when people are discussing agitation cycles, pre-rinse procedures, stop bath preferences or exposure logs that this is somehow not real photography and that they should stop these discussions and just take pictures. For some individuals, understanding how a developer works on a chemical level helps them take pictures since they know what is going to happen before they hit the shutter - for me, understanding why I am taking the shot is what helps me fire the shutter.

If we have contributed to someone being more curious or thinking more deeply about something, then it is worth it. I probably won't get around to reading the book till next week but it is nice to be able to have a discussion.
I couldn't agree with you more. It was not a critic but just to highlight a fact. It would be difficult for most of us to participate to a true philosophical debate as we do not know most of the concepts involved in philosophy but that does not mean it should not happen on Apug! I would find quite interesting to follow such debates!