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With the price of all the other Kodak films I was shocked at how cheap tmax400 was, it's still expensive compared to what the OP is looking for but amazing its so cheap for the quality.

I'm amazed with t grain films and DD-X but now that I've had a taste of Rodinal it's hard to decide what to do, it's SO cheap! DD-X seems ridiculous now lol.

Also OP why shoot 120 if you're penny pinching? Why not shoot 35mm and get a $2 per 36 shot instead of $2 per 10 shot? I understand some grain bothers you but if cost is the ultimate leader, why bother with 120 at all?


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I also believe that Tmax 400 tmy-2 is the absolute winner in the 400 speed department. As far as bought developers go? DD-X wins in that department also. Of course that is just my opinion. I don't use much 400 speed film or bought developer, but those two are an excellent pick. I also got a little more life from a bottle of DD-X by running it at 1:7. For right now I'm kind of doing what the OP is asking to do and that is going cheap. I'm doing the Arista EDU 100 route in home-brew soup. I'm going to try some Shanghai stuff too. JohnW