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The Speed shutter was only fully open at B. Every other speed was another slit size that traveled across the film. On a 35 there is only the opening and closing shutter that followed behind it. On a Speed, the shutter was a very long piece of fabric with several slit openings in it, in relation to how far you turned the winding key. Only on B was the both open at the same time.
I am confused again. I've had a reply from an APUGer( Henry Finley) telling me why you can't electronic flash with Speeds other than on the B setting and yet you have managed it.

Were there Speeds that were usable with electronic flash. There must be a difference between what Henry Finley is referring to and what you are referring to.

Is there a simple explanation that reconciles what seem to be irreconcilable statements? The only one I can think of is that you did it on the B setting but this would seem to pose great if not impossible difficulties unless the scene was pitch black and the only illumination was the flash so opening to B and shutting it again resulted in no other light reaching the film


Henry is correct that electronic flashes cannot be used on a Speed Graphic with a focal plane shutter except with the B setting for both the focal plane shutter and the lens shutter. However an electronic flashes can be used on a Speed Graphic with a lens shutter and the focal plane shutter on O.