Zorki 4K with J-8 and J-12. New shutter curtain CLA and a new sun hood (40,5mm). Eur. 80,-. An almost new Zorki bag too.




J-12 from a first test film.


J-8 from a first test film.


Z4K with J-12 and Oly VF-1 incl. Zorki bag and blocking the dioptry leveling with Poster Pritt.


A simple 3in1 lens hood: 28-35mm, 50-60mm and >85mm. Especially in front light situations with the J-8 a big improvement.

If you want you can make great photos with this combination. The Jupiter-8 is a pre war Zeiss Sonnar type lens and the Jupiter-12 is a pre war Zeiss Biogon type design. Not bad at all. Especially not for this amount of money.