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I like your list and was surprised to see the first post not being AA, EW, PS,...

I was ready to make the statement myself about influence. Still, I'm not sure at all about the idea that influential has to mean they are referenced in most modern work. Does that hold up in art, music? For how long? Things do move on.

I was glad to see Walker Evans in your list, since so many people wouldn't think of him. He is not really one of the "popular" photographers, though everybody knows his greatest hits.

But Ansel Adams was extremely influential and that style of photography was a major current through the 20th century. Hard to leave him out, though it makes a less tidy list. And Terry's question did ask about the indisputable masters. On that note I'd include Edward Weston. I guess it is where you want to put the emphasis.

I do like your list for the solid thread that runs through it, but I think you'd have to put Robert Frank in there as a stepping stone after Walker Evans. Maybe O'Sullivan could free up a space since he wasn't 20th century. That does still leave several others that it would be hard to ignore.
Ah, thanks for pointing out O'Sullivan. Robert Frank was a blind omission, being slightly off my radar - but definitely agree with that suggestion, in relation to the rest.
Being quite well versed in traditional landscape photography, for me, Ansel's influence is most directly referenced in this sphere. But I feel, for everyone, his true legacy is perhaps one of theory.
Aesthetically/subjectively it's much harder to pinpoint references to him - it might be too deeply ingrained. I see his influence as a kind of broad ideological undercurrent, rather than anything tangible at this point.
But that's just my perspective.

My list certainly considers these photographers in a lineage of influence - an aesthetic recipe. Yum.