I'm trying hard to become a Minox 35 user so that I will always have a small, easy to use camera with me. The shutter is SO quiet.

Re the Rollei, this will be my next port of call if my latest Minox "fights back": let me explain...

I've been ignited by the purchase of a Minox at a modest price on eBay; looking for shots like I did 25 years ago! I've just returned it as it appears to have the wrong battery voltage fitted (6v rather than 5.6v) and the self-timer was eratic. To replace the GT I've "won" a GT-E at a less modest cost but with a case and lens hood.

In the past 2 weeks I've become an "instant expert" on the different models and the likely reliability of their shutters rather than progressing my learning of photography. Not what I want.

AND YET! As I have a Voightlander screw outfit there is a premium on "carry-ability" which makes me willing to try again. I suggest that if you want to try a Minox 35 you do some research too?