Thank you very much...
I don't speak and I don't understand at 100% english leanguage so please be patient with me
although I know it is not easy with my "stupid" questions...
I explaine a little:i haven't a lot of money...i can't buy both lens,unfortunarely.I must buy only zuiko 50 mm.
I need a excelent 50 mm,it isn't important at all the l the brightness of the glass. I don't use 1.4 or 1.8 diaphragms never so the brightness isn't an important feature at all.
I'm searching for a Zuiko 50 lens with sharpness,acutance,ecc...ecc...not with hight brightness level!
It seems that the 1.8 is better at this respect.
Is it correct?...
The 50 1.4 Zuiko that I could buy is the "OM-SYSTEM G.ZUIKO AUTO-S 1.4",while in this moment i don't remember at all which was the correct 1.8 model that I could buy...
So tecnically any 50 1.8 Zuiko lens,if I understanding correctly,is better (a part the brightness that it's not an important feature for me) than the G.Zuiko AUTO-S 1.4 50mm lens.
Is it correct? this case I prefer to buy the 1.8 50 mm Zuiko.
So do you think that this is the right choice for me?
I repeat, I'm sorry if I'm burdening us,but I haven't money at the moment and I've to do the right choice.In this case I haven't the possibility to experiment,to make comparisons...I must buy the right 50 mm Zuiko lens.
Please,for the last time,give me an opinion,Itrust you.
thanks for you patience.