I purchased a Konica FP SLR (vertical travel metal focal plane shutter, 1/125 flash sync -- oooh wow!) circa 1963 and it was a pretty awesome machine -- at least, after an Argus C3! It was purely manual and served me well to around 1980/81 when the shutter started acting up. Somewhere during that period I bought my dad a Konica rangefinder with auto exposure that was great optically but broke down in a disappointingly short time. No idea if that has anything to do with anything, but my impression is the brand was never around in the sort of quantities sold by Nikon and Canon.

I still have the FP but have never worked up the urge to try and get it repaired, assuming it is even possible. I'm pretty sure the lenses predated the 'AR' series, but I recall the 35mm 2.8 and the 52mm 1.4 being impressively sharp.