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What you need to do is check your lens more thoroughly by a better method. I bet a nickle you're going to see interior haze inside between the elements, perhaps between the 2 cemented elements of the tessar-type lens you have. Get an ordinary table lamp with the ordinary lampshade that has the white paper interior. Get your lens in close proximity to the bulb (within a foot or less), and seek to turn the camera in a manner that sets up a flare situation inside the lens. You may need to turn it some unknown direction to be sighting against the white lampshade interior or the bulb, or both, until you see it. This is the harshest test I've ever concocted to check for interior haze. Even better, get a 50mm lens from a 35, turned around backwards in your hand for a close inspection while you do this. I'll bet a nickel that Rollei lens is hazed inside. They ALL are. A vast majority of those Rollei lenses are hopeless, which is a shame.
Mmm that's quite bad. I got a look with a lamp as you suggested. What I could see is not really an "haze" but the lens is much dirtier than I could recognize before. But maybe I'm not able to recognize the "haze" you are speaking about. Do you think sending it to a repairman would help reducing the problem or should I just live with it? I would like anyway to continue using the camera. Apart from the frames in which the ghosts appear the images look quite good with good contrast and resolution.