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What IR film? News to me. Why do you like it?--that is to ask if its more an IR film like Kodak's used to be, or is it more like the ones that is only some small portion of IR sensitive, requiring a totally opaque filter and 40 stops of opening up the lens to get any infrared value out of it? You used to only need a 25A with Kodak to have a nearly 100% infrared film. Now that they are gone, I'd be all ears to hear a suitable replacement.
Konica USED to make an IR film - or maybe it was made by someone else and badged... I don't know.
It was a near IR film, like Ilford SFX - but it was based on a very fine grain film, so quite slow, but very fine grained. It was a superb film for IR portraits and figure work - it did amazing things to skin tones. I miss it