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fyi Recipe section of the cookbook is now a download pdf at the site. It reads clearly.

98% pure lab grade Caffeic acid is available. About $40 US for 2 grams. Has anyone discovered the actual amount of caffeic acid released from the 'coffee crystals' of choice. Note: the high purity goodie is not listed as soluble in water; (solubility ethanol: soluble50 mg/mL).
Oh good..

A few things, there's still a lot of talk between the pertinent info, it would be good to make this more concise. There also seem to be a few different versions of the recipe with no real standard on what the times/temps are for each film and dev combo, it's kind of confusing.

I would applaud the OP in putting this together, its really a great bit of info and I'm sure it's not the OP's day job so it's really kind of all the Photogs to have contributed and put this together. At least there's a PDF now I can put on my phone...

However having an actual appendix with a full dev chart would REALLY add to this, just a time/temp/film thing for best results instead of "well I usually develop this at 9-11 minutes" which honestly drives any precision photographer up the wall ... "well which is it!!?? 9, 11, 9:13, 10:27 etc etc... I can tell you more do this haphazardly based on your writing, but to some of us having precise data to start out with is really the only way to get us started, we may not want to experiment so much before knowing the proper dev times etc.

Thanks for putting this together and I hope you keep on improving upon this.