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So it WAS pretty bad, as I had suspected. To answer that, my answer is rather harsh--that is you OBVIOUSLY are not happy, so something needs to be done. I am a "self-certified" Rollei man, who has no business fooling with somebody elses'. So I'm afraid you're going to have to find a good man to get this problem remedied. And if it is between the cemented elements, then you'll need to dig very deep in the wallet. I hate this for you. The VB was possibly Rollei's best camera from a compactness versus performance standpoint. If you decide to take on the project yourself, you stand a HUGE chance of de-valuing your VB severely. One chewed-up screw slot from a bad fitting screwdriver and that VB will be nothing but another ruined collector's piece.
The camera came with a 1 year warranty from the shop where I bought it used and I still have 5 months. I'll ask them if they can send it to repair or maybe I could upgrade to a rolleiflex or exchange to another rolleicord. I would prefer however to keep the Vb as I like its simplicity and low weight.