I have one of these and have used it for twenty years or more. Phenomenal basic camera that can be used like a point and shoot. F22/F32 at the infinity or just before point and all is in focus. I use mine with a 90 f8 nikkor so don't know about your configuration but lots of depth of field. And the only one of its kind (compared to fuji g617) that has that amazing bellows so instead of close focus of 10m with fuji??? you can get to much less with art pan. Buy a 617 gg and hold it to the rails with the back off and you can set the focus anywhere. And that film is flat, no questions asked. And that is a darn fine price. Good luck to whomever gets it. I have a shen hao 617 which copies the ebony camera and I still know that for some hikes and trips, it will be the art pan for sure.