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I was under the impression that the reason why technical improvements had been made in film emulsions in the last few years have been made because technological advancements in motion picture stocks, where it was still quite competitive, had filtered down to still films. I also thought that Fuji would have been selling more motion picture film than still film, no?
The movie industry is VERY slow to change, a lot of that has to do with money. For example, Hollywood in general has been using Kodak film stock more than any other. Even if Fuji was somehow slightly better, they wouldn't risk switching systems because the risk of processing a whole movie and having the result come out differently than planned because of a new and unfamiliar film is too great a risk. So Kodak cornered that market long ago.

I work in the industry and though I'm not involved in that side per-se I work with those guys enough to know I'm pretty much on target with this statement.

They would prefer to use something that is tested even if of lesser quality because they can guarantee the result. With $100,000,000 dollars on the table, changing films isn't easy.