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if it is under warranty then by all means, send it in with sample photos to show the problem -- you don't say precisely what you mean by ghosting, but double images of any sort shouldn't be showing up and can mean a bad misallignment of the lenses or lens separation -- a lens problem of that magnitude will cost more to repair than it would cost to just replace the camera.

which, if i were you, i would ask the seller to do. The Vb is a lovely camera, although if you like it you could also look at a Va, which is the same thing except it lacks the removable hood and costs less.
What I meant with "ghosts" is that in photographs with bright sky some (almost) round darker spots appear in the sky portion of the photo. I thought it was due to the fact the coating is not as good as in newer lenses but what puzzled me is that it happens also when not light source is present in the shot. I always use a lens hood.

Anyway, I'll speak with the shop owner and see what can be done. Just checked and they have another Vb available and some rolleiflex (but they are way toooo expensive).