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Mr Aferrarini--Please know I did not want to come off a big know-it-all, too much. I've found there's other guys smarter than me about these things. So keep waiting--a good Rollei man on here might answer you with better answers than mine. I gave up on the Rolleis--too rare to find a virgin one, and owning them is too much of a responsibility. You become an unpaid one-man museum curator. The Hasselblads are a dime a dozen, perform well, are well-made, and a CM is about as compact as a Rollei. And, I've gotten pretty good of working on them. I'd rather have 2 parts Hasselblads off EBAY to make 1 out of, and I'm happy. Just food for thought.
Thanks Henry for sharing your thoughts!
Maybe one day I'll buy an Hasselblad but for the moment I've already accumulated too much stuff (2 35mm nikon bodies + a bunch of primes, 1 dslr, 1 mirrorless, the rolley plus some point & shoot) and I need to settle down on what I have and concentrate on photographs...