Hasselblad 500c body paired with the often hard to find medium length 120mm S-Planar (Chrome) f5.6 portrait / landscape lens (I've used it for both). Also comes with the newer version of the Hasselblad waist level finder (which folds in half, like the Mamiya RZ WLF), an A12 back with dark slide, a quick focus lever, a rapid winding crank, and a Hoya K2 b50 yellow filter for B&W film. The front cap for the lens is included as well as the front and back body caps (I don't have the rear cap for the lens, sorry).

The body serial number is TR87043; the body cranks smoothly and operates as it is supposed to, and the rear shutter doors snap back as they are supposed to. A three-eighths bushing is included in the base.

There is a small 2mm crack in the focusing screen; it is very hard to see it in the pictures, but in the close up of the focusing screen, the crack is in the upper right. The screen is a grid with cross hairs; there is some degradation around some of the edges of the coating, but it is still very useable.

The lens is in excellent condition. There may be some cleaning marks somewhere, but honestly I haven't seen any. There is some minor internal dust. Shutter is snappy and spot on; focus is smooth -- not too loose, but not stiff either. A great lens, and I am only selling it because I have to (too much equipment). The weird flare in one of the pictures of the lens is from the umbrella I was using with my monolight

I've run about a dozen rolls of film through the A12 back and never had any problem with it. I also had the seals checked at Nippon Photo in NYC and their Hasselblad guy said the seals were fine. As you can see from the pictures, the flattened knob is missing from the crank winder -- but that doesn't affect the operation of the back.

The waist level finder has some minor external wear, but the magnifier is spotless, and the WLF functions perfectly. If you've shopped around for these newer finders, it is very hard to find one for less than $150, and this one is worth at least that much.

Take a look at the pictures and let me know if you have any questions -- I'd like to get $650 for this, payable via PayPal.