I have a F100 but it is rarely used since I prefer MF and LF but my comment is to refer to the reason for Aperture and Manual mode. I would set the aperture according to the depth of field you want in either of the modes which could require the use of a tripod if the shutter speed was too slow. As I understand it Matrix metering will give you an average reading of the scene and Center will predominately read a centered subject. If you spot meter and manually set both the aperture and shutter speed you can set an average setting or meter for shadows or highlights as desired. Consider bracketing just in case.

I mainly use a spot meter or incident meter reading with the formats I use and since my cameras are all manual and I most often use a tripod, I control the settings. I don't know why B&W would be different from color other than the characteristics of the film used. The camera doesn't know which is being used other than the ISO. Stick to one film until you are familiar with it's properties because switching often just becomes confusing.
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