Hey all -- Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for your advice and suggestions -- you've helped me wade through the plethora of decisions and options that are out there. I haven't nailed a decision yet, but I did find a couple of interesting lenses at a local camera store -- a 215mm f/6.3 Ilex Caltar which seems to have a functioning shutter, though it is missing its rear lens cell. I bought it in hopes that someone on this or some other forum might have the rear cell and be willing to part with it for a modest sum. Anyone?

The other lens I found and purchased is a Carl Zeiss Jena 135mm f/4.5 in what seems to be a working Compur shutter. The serial number on the lens dates the lens to 1938, an interesting historical moment in Germany -- stuff like that really fascinates me. I was able to modify the CZJ lens' board to fit my Super Speed Graphic, not perfectly, but workable. And if I cannot find someone who's willing to part with their Caltar 215mm lens cell(s), then I'll just have to return the partial lens to the camera store and keep on searching for my long 4x5 lens.

Thanks again,