Has anyone come up with something like the old Heath/Mitchell Color Canoe or the Honeywell Rocking Print Tray for use in a "small" darkroom (a half-bath). It is going to be a while before my darkroom is built, so I have to make due with the half-bath for a while.
I used a drum but you can't see the print as it is comes up, and developing a small test strip is a PIA in a drum.
I used an 8x10 Honeywell Rocking Print Tray, and I thought it was great for use in the cramped space of a half bath.

What was the print sizes that these rocking trays were made in?

If anyone has a lead on either the H/M Color Canoe or the Honeywell Rocking Tray, especially the LARGE size, I would appreciate the lead.