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I don't see the point in using an SLR that doesn't have DoF preview, that's the point of having an SLR for me, other wise just use a Rangefinder... lol, and street shooting is good with an RF because of the dark areas where you need to hand hold at 1/30 or 1/15 which you can't do with an SLR
I'm fine with an SLR. The little camera has a large, bright, contrasty finder, and I like accurate framing, as I shoot transparency mostly. Plus it's very inexpensive, and I can use one of several short zooms if I want to. I'm partial to the SMC-M 24-35 f/3.5 on the ME Super. I'm less likely to get mugged for the camera, and if it happens I can replace it easily.

For most work I want a camera with DoF preview, but for broad landscapes and street I don't really need it. The Super just grew on me, though I would never keep it instead of the MX, LX, or other camera with DoF preview, plus other things like interchangeable focusing screens. On rare occasion, I do want to check DoF with the Super, so I press in the lens release button and rotate the lens like I'm taking it off until the diaphragm closes. After I check I just turn the lens back until it locks. It's funky but it works. The lens has a ways more to go until it could fall off, so being reasonably careful there's no problem.