I actually had more space in my apartment than in my house.
In the apartment, I used the bathroom.
- 1/2" plywood over the tub, for the enlarger.
- A homemade portable extension to the sink counter over the toilet, for the trays.
- Washing was done in the kitchen.

In my house, the only room I can use is a small half-bath which is less than 36 inches wide.
- The MF enlarger is put on the toilet.
- I use a drum or rocking print tray to process on the counter.
- Washing is done in the kitchen.
- Because of the very cramped setup and drum/rocking print tray, I've only done RC paper, not fiber.

In both setups, I either removed the white bulb from the bathroom light fixture or replaced the bulb with a small safelight. I needed the light switch in the ON position to run the exhaust fan.

I'm in the process of building a darkroom under my house, but like most home DIY projects, that will take way longer than I think it will to complete.