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Plenty of tv shows, movies, and commercials have been shot on fujifilm. Often it was due to cost savings but also for the particular look being sought. No one shoots a "new film" for a project w/o testing so there aren't suprises. Kodak changes thie emulsions quite frequently and no one would shoot it for a serious job w/o testing (which is always done on feature films). kodak's films were inferior to fuji's, cinematographers wouldn't switch?
Both companies make/made some great films but choosing one over the other has nothing to do with "changing systems."
you're right... sort of ... it's about how MANAGEMENT views it... all they know is they have always used Kodak... so changing doesn't mean much to the money men, they just want to stick with what works... it's a slow mentality of change... just how the movie industry works. We should be glad... if they weren't so slow to change, they wouldn't use ANY film lol