Unfortunately in the real world you aren't dealing with aggregate numbers. You are dealing with one random amateur who shows you a low quality scan or a cheap 4x6 proof print and then asks you to decipher what went wrong in their work flow. I tell these people that pop up every once in a while to save themselves some money and skip the lomo stuff and just get a good modern electronic camera and a nifty fifty lens. Even with a new nifty fifty such a kit is actually cheaper than a lot of the lomography.com stuff. Canon has SLRs you can just drop DX coded film in and it will set the appropriate ISO. You turn it on and point the camera and it will set the appropriate shutter speed and aperture combination and focus. All with the push of one button. With minimal instruction you can send most amatures out with a kit like that and get back sharp contrasty negatives. Even with non lomo stuff I dissuade people from getting old cameras as their first foray into film. Relatively new stuff is pretty cheap and almost idiot proof. Once people have a clue I tell them to explore. They ask me what camera to buy next and I shrug. Once they have a handle on the basics and are done making frequent dumb mistakes they have to find their own level. But at the early stage I tell them to reduce the variables until they can reliably eliminate operator error as the main cause of screw ups.