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It must have been especially confusing when there were 3 versions of 135 film haha... but yes I agree, kodak doesn't seem to make much sense with changes, though Fuji's doesn't either, why is velvia 50 V50 and Velvia 100 V100 and Velvia 100F V100F instead of RVP RDP RVPIII or whatever the hell they are, I can't keep track and they don't match up to the names, all these film companies don't seem to get it, except Ilford which seems pretty straight forward... and don't get me started on developers... lol
There used to be 3 differing versions of Tri-X (same generation) when I began photography in the 1960's and the Kodak film developer datasheets listed different times for each.

Tri-X was made in at least 3 factories in the 1960's, Eastman Kodak (Rochester), Kodak Canada, and Kodak Ltd (Harrow, UK), just before WWII it was also made in Hungary. The differences in speed/dev times depended on which country the Tri-X was made which was printed on the boxes. Each company supplied specific markets so in most cases you wouldn't come accross the other two versions, but of course this was critical to photo journalists travelling around the world.