Wow, if ever a thread should have been halted until the meaning of the OP was clear.

It is still a jumble because of the uncertainty of the spots being on the film or the print, but the lens is an unlikely culprit and always has been. If it is so bad that black spots appear anywhere, print or negative, the fault would be easily visible on or in the lens. Try it, you can stick all sorts of things on a lens and apart from mild degradation you'd need to nearly cover it in dust and dirt for any major differences to be shown prominently on the print/neg. Something else is happening, and while the description of 'spot in the sky' may still be unclear, a light leak is possible. So the OP should check the tripod socket and make sure that an over long tripod screw hasn't popped the base of the socket and light is leaking in and 'burning' through the backing paper, so fogging the negative.